What is Happy Friday?

The title of this Substack comes from my high school English teacher’s end-of-week emails. They began, of course, with a “Happy Friday,” and since receiving those emails, I simply can’t go without saying it at the end of the work week. Ms. Blejwas, if you find this Substack, thank you for starting your students’ weekends off right.

My own Happy Friday emails began as a TinyLetter in May 2018 as a way for me to keep my writing skills sharp. My friends subscribed to it to keep me accountable to actually doing the writing. It has since become a little bit more than a hobby. I hope you join me for the journey. All are invited!

Marina Tinone is based in Connecticut. Their writing primarily focuses on language, identity, and voice. They create the things they wish they could have held when they were growing up.

If you like what they do, please leave them a compliment on Twitter or Instagram [at]mtinone! They would be very happy to receive your compliment. You can also visit their full portfolio online at mtinone.com.

Why subscribe?

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My plan is to save the funds from the paid subscriptions for writing workshops or travel to otherwise develop my writing… So in some ways, I guess you can think of the paid subscription as an investment in getting higher quality posts! ;-)

If you know someone who you think would enjoy this Substack, do let them know! Until then, I’ll see you on Friday!